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Technical facilities

Blue Accelerator is a versatile test and demonstration platform. The available facilities offer a reliable and stable environment for any test or demonstration. When opportune, upgrades are made to improve the offering for project developers. The key facilities are briefly described below.


There is dedicated space available to project developers to install their own equipment. Compliance with Blue Accelerator safety and non-interference standards must be ensured prior to installation.

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Energy supply

There is a 24/7 energy supply available in a range of AC and DC levels with sufficient delivery capacity for several simultaneous tests and demonstrations. The energy supply is remotely controlled to offer additional services (and for safety and monitoring purposes).

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Communication links

Test and demonstration devices in and around the platform, as well as in the wider test zone, can be linked via a data cable or via the dedicated Wi-Fi for Blue Accelerator. Onward communication takes place via a direct high-bandwidth radio link to the landside - in secure separate VPN channels to the IP address(es) as indicated by the project developer. Multichannel data loggers have also been installed to collect specific sensor data (from Blue Accelerator or the project developer).

More dedicated communication equipment for drone navigation and data transmission is under development.

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A range of sensors have been installed at different locations: on the top deck, in the splash zone, and submerged at the monopole.

On the top deck are: a weather station, Panthyr Trios/Ramses hyperspectral radiometer, HD cameras, nearby CNR4 irradiation radiometer, and calibration solar PV panels.

In the splash zone and submerged: temperature, turbidity, CTD, NO3, PO4, SO4, CHLA, pod for power and data connection, nearby Datawell Waverider.

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Test frames

There are test frames available to the project developers on the top deck, in the splash zone and submerged at the monopole. These frames are available for materials tests, coating tests, sensor testing, etc.



One or more segments of Blue Accelerator test zone can temporarily be designated for tests with drones. For flying drones, there is a protocol available (only in Dutch). For surface and submerged drones, the same processes as for all other tests will apply: please contact us to discuss the options.


Safety & security

Several safety and security measures are in place at Blue Accelerator platform and in the test zone. These are intended to maximise the safety of the project developer and its team or contractors, as well as any other authorised marine user in or nearby the test zone.

The zone is marked by cardinal buoys, the monopole has an AIS, and virtual AIS pointers can be installed at devices in the test zone. The platform is furthermore equipped with an emergency radio.

Live sea conditions at Blue Accelerator

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