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Our Services

Blue Accelerator offers a range of support services in a one-stop shop approach, so as to allow the project developer to focus on its test or demonstration, while Blue Accelerator team takes care of all the background processes.

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Onderaanzicht BA.jpg

Fast track approval

Blue Accelerator operates under a pre-consented permitting process, which means that a project developer can get its test or demonstration up and running with a very short approval period (provided it stays within the pre-approved conditions). Blue Accelerator team will guide this approval process.

Legal & insurance

Blue Accelerator follows a standardised contracting process (which can be customised where needed). Overall, this means a short processing time, where common international contracting standards are applied.


Protection of the IPR (intellectual property rights) of the project developer is recognised as very important and is guaranteed.

Where possible, insurance support can be offered.

Operational support

Blue Accelerator team has full experience in all the innovation & development phases of offshore projects. This support is available right from the start at the first contact and intake meeting. Throughout the project, the team will support the project developer, up to the final decommissioning or dismantling phase.


All the activities at Blue Accelerator platform and in the test zone are systemised so as to guarantee maximum safety for the project developer and others.

Local suppliers & networks 

Blue Accelerator team has developed a deep specialist network of suppliers and experts over the years, which is available to the project developer to assist in safety, HAZID and HAZOP, deployment, crew and gear transport, maintenance, recovery, local storage, etc.


Blue Accelerator operates as an independent entity within a chain of onshore test facilities. These are all located within a distance of about 100 km (60 miles).

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