A multitude of
test facilities.

The Blue Accelerator consists of a monopile with a powerhouse on top, and a surrounding seabed test area of 220 m around the platform.

Pre-approved test facility

POM West-Vlaanderen holds a 15-year permit to exploit this maritime innovation and development platform.

We offer customised support
for funding, consenting, advice
and support for tests

Energy Supply

battery pack
DC and AC power
solar panels
wind turbine
diesel generator
back-up generator


wave height and direction
currents: speed and direction
sea and air temperature
tidal height
wind speed and direction
turbidity and nutrients

Security & safety

Locked hatch
navigational lights
fog horn
asset tagging
crane (SWL 0.5t )
fire protection
first aid material


VHF radio
local WIFI (internal and external)
broadband link
4G secure back-up link
NAS server with secure access

BA_map _portofostend_web02.jpg

Fast and easy access

The test platform is a versatile open water test facility with moderate metocean conditions.

It very easy accessible from the Ostend harbour.

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Wetenschapspark 1

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